1. The UK

The United kingdom is one of the most flexible education system —  education in the UK is not just a need but a right. Anyone from any race, religion, and socio-economic background can come and study in the UK. The UK is second most preferred study destination in the world. Most universities are not fussy about the backlogs you had in your graduation as long as you clear them, you can be in with absolutely no problem. Also, the embassy doesn’t create any issue as well — if the university is happy to accept, they are most likely to accept as well. We know for a fact that the UK has the highest visa rate among all. So if you have got around 25-30 backlogs and still wanted to study abroad, the UK could be your destination. 

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2. Dubai

Dubai is emerging as one of the most favoured study destination with more than 20% rise in international students in the last two years. The country is also inviting a lot of universities to open up the campuses in Dubai. Due to flexible immigration policies, most universities in Dubai don’t bother about the backlogs a candidate has. Dubai is developing with the fastest pace in the world, attracting a lot of foreign direct investments and on the way to becoming a best place in the world for hospitality and tourism.  

3. France

France homes a lot of world’s top business schools — French schools don’t really bother much about the backlogs a candidate has. It welcomes international students and provides the facilities which no other country can offer. Paid internships, part-time jobs, free travel passes, and up to two years post study work permit certainly shows the love this country has for international students. Most French people are friendly in nature, and you can get adapted to their culture in no time. The schools just do a telephonic interview to know a candidate’s calibre and language ability.  

4. Singapore

Singapore is a very diverse country, and one of the most expensive country to live in the world for a very right reason. Most universities can accept candidates with many backlogs as the immigration policies are very friends and rarely any visa is ever refused. Of course, we are excluding the universities like NTU & SMU, yet most other tier-2 ranked universities should be happy to take you in. For most of these universities, candidates are not required to write any exam. All you have to do is to apply and wait for a few week for the offer.  

5. New Zealand 

New Zealand is a very diverse country and probably a country with the lowest population worldwide with just 4.8 million people. The country has quite a few schools but most of these universities are ranked worldwide and know for their research and quality education. Most of these universities don’t really bother much about the candidate’s backlogs as long as they pass and meet the minimum entry requirements set by the university. You can easily get through with a backlogs up to 30 in total. Also, the entry process is not really stringent, but they at least expect you to pass the language assessment test e.g. IELTS.