Hey, folks — there has been enough spoken about why most international students prefer to study in the UK. Here is my take on some of the best reasons for you to choose the UK as the study destination.

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  1. Earn while you earn: one of the primary reasons why it could be a good deal is that you are allowed to earn while you are studying your intended courses. In the UK, you are legally allowed to work 20 hours/week as an international student. On average, you can earn about £160–£250 while working part-time.
  2. Flexible duration: UK universities are very flexible with the duration — if you are looking for a summer school that lasts for 3 months or a diploma for a year or maybe a two-year master’s degree or online education, the UK has it all. You can find your niche and start studying anytime.
  3. Specialized course: the UK is the home of specialized and research-based courses — you can choose from hundreds of different specialization. Be it a bio-technology or FACADE engineering, the UK has got everything to serve on your table.
  4. Low study cost: compared to any of its counterparts, the UK has very less study cost that ranges from £10,000-£25,000 which is much lesser compared to the cost of study in the USA and Australia. Most postgraduate degrees in the UK are one year which means you will have to spend less and go to the job just after a year which is the shortest route to employment in the UK.
  5. Scholarships: most UK universities offer some scholarships (student discount) to international students to lower the tuition fee. The scholarship amount could vary from £1,000- to £5,000 based on academic merit and some other variables. There are some fully-funded scholarships as well e.g. great scholarships, etc.