Top 10 Universities offering MBA with Professional placement in the UK

Top 10 Universities offering MBA with Professional placement in the UK

1. Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is favourite among international students for the very right reason – the university has consistently ranked among top 300 universities worldwide as per the QS World Ranking. The university offers an MBA with professional placement and students can start fall & spring intakes. The students don’t require to have any work experience to start studying this MBA program at Anglia Ruskin University. The university boats about 20,000 students from more than 150 countries worldwide with 85% students satisfaction rate. Visit course link

The University of Greenwich

2. The University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is one of the most preferred universities in London, UK. The university boats about 15,000 students from around the globe. The MBA International Business offered by the university comes with a  year-long industrial placement and doesn’t require any work experience to enrol. Though the university admits students without any gaps in education and always remain in demand across professional planning to change their line of interest from engineering to business. A whopping 38% of students of the university are international students and still growing. Indian International students can apply to this MBA course without having to write IELTS or any other English language proficiency test subject to certain compliance. Visit course link

3. The University of East London

The University of East London is centrally located in East London and offers an MBA with a professional placement that allows entry for the freshers. The MBA offered by the university comes with one-year industry placement to gain some hands-on experience in the industry in the UK. It not only brings unparalleled experience but also boosts placements chances. The university welcomes about 11,000 full-time students on campus with 32% international students from more than 120 countries worldwide. It’s truly a large and diverse experience you can have in the UK. Visit course link

4. University of Central Lancashire

The University of Central Lancashire offers an MBA with professional placement and one of the most affordable options available for international students to study. The aspiring students can start studying in both January and September intakes. The university has a range of merit-based scholarships to bring down your tuition cost drastically. The university welcomes about 18,000 students from around 140 countries worldwide. Around 18% of the overall full-time students are international students in the UK and 14.2 is the number of students to staff ratio on campus. UCLan is surrounded by amazing countryside and large student diversity for unique student experience. Visit course link

5. Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University is located in Scotland – the university has ranked well in the global fronts and 63rd in the UK by the times higher education ranking system. A total full-time student population on campus is around 11,000 students from more than 130 countries worldwide. The female to male ratio of the students on campus is 55:45 and certainly one of the best universities around. The university’s student satisfaction ratio is 86% across all the disciplines. The university offers an MBA in leadership practice with a placement year which eventually allows you to study for two years while paying for only one. Visit course link

6. The University of Sunderland

The University of Sunderland offers an MBA with professional placement for freshers – students don’t require any previous work experience to get an entry into this program. The program is accredited by Chartered Management Institute. The university welcomes about 11,000 full-time students every year with around 31% of international students. Students might also get accepted without IELTS subject to meeting certain qualifications. The student satisfaction of the university is 84% and the Teaching Excellence Framework award is silver. Visit course link

7. The University of Northampton

The University of Northampton is favourite among international students – large campus, industry association, and placement support is something unique about the University of Northampton. The university holds gold teaching excellence framework award for the best quality of education. The university moved in a £330 million brand new waterside campus in September 2018. The university nestles around 10,000 full-time students from around the world with about 26% international students. The university offers a range of merit-based scholarships to bring down the total tuition cost for international students. The MBA also includes a business trip and international students can also apply without IELTS or any other English language proficiency test subject to meeting certain other conditions. Visit course link

8. The University of South Wales

The University of South Wales located in Wales offers a global MBA with placement for international students. The total cost for the MBA is £12,500 for two years and one of the most affordable MBA program in the UK. The university recruits about 16,000 full-time students from more than 100 countries and 19% of the total students are international. International students, especially Indian and students from other English speaking countries, can apply without having to write any exam subject to meeting certain conditions. Visit course link

9. The University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton is located in London – the university offers a two-year MBA with a professional placement. The MBA offered by the University of Roehampton doesn’t require any prior work experience. The university campus is relatively small and boats about 8000 students from every corner of the world. About 28% of the total students are international on campus. The student satisfaction ratio for the university of Roehampton is 77%. Students can get an entry into Roehampton without writing any other additional exam. Visit course link

10. Kingston University

Kingston University is one of the most popular universities in the UK – offering an extensive range of courses from undergraduate to research level. The university offers an MBA with a professional placement and the MBA is accredited by the AMBA and Kingston Business School is accredited by AACSB. Students can start this course at Kingston University in September & January intake. Students without any prior work experience cannot apply to this program and they need about 3 years of full-time work experience to get into this MBA program. The university brings about 15,000 full-time students from around the globe. This MBA offered with professional placement is expensive comparatively but worth studying considering its recognition and overall reputation. Visit course link

A Quick Parents’ Guide to Study Abroad | Edulley

A Quick Parents’ Guide to Study Abroad | Edulley

Choosing to study abroad is perhaps the boldest decision you’ll ever make for your child, and it’s not only baffling but can also be emotionally draining. Study abroad gives your child a global exposure and internationally recognized education. As a parent, it is your obligation to aid your kid to figure out the best possible place for them to study.

What you as a parent can do?


It’s important to understand what inspires your child – he is curious enough for the right reason or following the rate race. Make sure you actively participate in the decision-making process to help your child make the right decision.

Know your child’s inspiration: discuss the goals openly with your child to figure out the reason your child wants to move abroad – it can be personal or academic or employment goals. Make sure the goals should be a realist to not face the disappointment at every step in life and it’s important to understand your child’s goals to be able to guide them.

Know your options: Researching the possible courses in the country – and also know the procedure before start applying or choosing to go with a consultant. Find the universities offering the specific program and how a specific university can help others and understand their ranking. Maybe a specialized can be more helpful than a generalized one.

Estimate the Cost of studying: studying overseas can cost you the life-time savings – it’s utmost important that you make a wise decision and don’t put all the eggs in the same basket. Consider the living expenses along with the tuition fee and make a complete budget. Also, include the visa fee, insurance fee, and travel cost in your plan. Your child may not be able to make money as soon as he/she lands, so you make sure they have access to sufficient funding while they study internationally.

Speak to a consultant: meeting a counsellor can assist you to broaden your research and can offer tailored options as per your child’s academic and financial suitability. We offer a career-based approach to help your child a successful career. Our years of experience offers extensive benefits and exclusive support to realize your study abroad dream.

Make the flowchart: making a plan of your budget, duration, and courses would actually help you organize your ideas – the cost could vary dynamically. Pen down your plans and the special benefits a specific country offers to help you sorted quickly. Make sure you meet the deadlines at each step and keep a good time to apply for a visa.

Take feedback and watch testimonials: speaking to a few international students from the same university can be rousing – also you would get the right details about the campus, facilities, and studies. You can either approach a few people on Linked-in or we can help you get connected with the student ambassador.

Know the rules and responsibility: knowing the specific visa regulation and the cultural difference would actually help – cultural shocks and homesickness could be draining initially. Also, every country follows a specific set of rules and regulation and not abiding them could have serious repercussion. Closely monitor the weather conditions and pack your bag accordingly – the temperature difference could be terrible so make sure they are prepared for all the challenges.

Find a study buddy: finding a study buddy can help overcome the strange feeling – your child will feel safe and accompanied. You can contact the university to share the contacts of the new joiners or we can help you if you apply with us. Also, make sure you take contact details of the fellow students to know your child’s whereabouts in case he is not reachable. It’s important for your child’s safety.

Emergency contacts & health track: make sure you have all the important contacts in your phone e.g. international office, a few classmates, and maybe a few others how can help in any emergency or need. Also, if he has a history of any health issues or any other genetic disease, make sure he/she carries the prescription along with some basic medicine.

Don’t ignore the mental health: make sure you don’t ignore the slightest of the matter – maybe it’s related to money or part-time jobs, or academic fear or adaptability. Speak to your child on a daily basis and keep a check on how well they are doing academically. Make sure they don’t stress themselves for money issues or loan burden.

Food is life: remember that food is the most essential part of the journey – do teach them to self-cater if they don’t like to eat the outside food. Also, daily buying the food or eating out could be an expensive deal, so you make sure they know at least the basic cook hacks e.g. making a sandwich or fry up noodles. Also, they may not appreciate the food in the host country, so we advise they should be prepared well for the self-catering.

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Top countries to study without IELTS

Top countries to study without IELTS

Writing IELTS or any similar exam could be draining – some aspirants write it dozens of times to just fail again and over again. Of course, practising helps a little but ultimately IELTS is about your English language proficiency,  and unless someone improvises the language proficiency, there is very little chance that you can get through with a needed score.

If you think IELTS is no longer a way for you – don’t worry, we have some of the amazing places you can still make a go about.

United Kingdom: the UK universities are not too fussy about IELTS and there are many universities that exempt IELTS or any other language proficiency exam. Mostly the modern universities waive off IELTS based on your intermediate school English subject marks. If you have got good marks in 12th exams, you can surely be accepted without IELTS.

France: France is well known worldwide for its business schools – most of the schools are triple accreditated and very popular on a global scale. Schools such as Skema, Kedge, and Rennes are extremely popular among international students. Most of these business schools waive off IELTS for international students; however, they do an interview before making an offer to check the academic suitability of a candidate.

Dubai: before now, Dubai is becoming a hub for many companies and educational institutes, many the UK and US-based universities are opening the operating campuses in Dubai as it is becoming much more diverse and dynamic which attracts a lot of international students with easy job options. If you want to study in Dubai, you certainly don’t need to write IELTS.

Singapore: Singapore is one of the most favoured study destinations in Asia – also, it’s the home of some of the top institutions in the world e.g. NTU. You can get an entry in some of the universities and schools without writing any exams as such.

Germany: Well, getting into a public university in Germany could be a daunting process. But yes, if you are sound academically, we recommend to. Another way round, there are many private and run for-profit institutions that can help you get started quickly without any exams. Likewise, there are other countries in Europe where you can study without IELTS like Poland, Latvia, Hungary, etc.