Writing IELTS or any similar exam could be draining – some aspirants write it dozens of times to just fail again and over again. Of course, practising helps a little but ultimately IELTS is about your English language proficiency,  and unless someone improvises the language proficiency, there is very little chance that you can get through with a needed score.

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If you think IELTS is no longer a way for you – don’t worry, we have some of the amazing places you can still make a go about.

United Kingdom: the UK universities are not too fussy about IELTS and there are many universities that exempt IELTS or any other language proficiency exam. Mostly the modern universities waive off IELTS based on your intermediate school English subject marks. If you have got good marks in 12th exams, you can surely be accepted without IELTS.

France: France is well known worldwide for its business schools – most of the schools are triple accreditated and very popular on a global scale. Schools such as Skema, Kedge, and Rennes are extremely popular among international students. Most of these business schools waive off IELTS for international students; however, they do an interview before making an offer to check the academic suitability of a candidate.

Dubai: before now, Dubai is becoming a hub for many companies and educational institutes, many the UK and US-based universities are opening the operating campuses in Dubai as it is becoming much more diverse and dynamic which attracts a lot of international students with easy job options. If you want to study in Dubai, you certainly don’t need to write IELTS.

Singapore: Singapore is one of the most favoured study destinations in Asia – also, it’s the home of some of the top institutions in the world e.g. NTU. You can get an entry in some of the universities and schools without writing any exams as such.

Germany: Well, getting into a public university in Germany could be a daunting process. But yes, if you are sound academically, we recommend to. Another way round, there are many private and run for-profit institutions that can help you get started quickly without any exams. Likewise, there are other countries in Europe where you can study without IELTS like Poland, Latvia, Hungary, etc.