Here are some of the amazing PTE academic tips to help you score the highest points in PTE academic. Most people aspire for 79+ score of 65+ score in PTE and with our easy guide, you just a step away from hitting the bull’s eye. We also offer a premium one-to-one online training to help you get the best score. Here we go…

Three seconds rule

Make sure you start speaking right after the microphone opens; if you don’t start speaking for three seconds, your answer will no longer be recorded. Also, don’t stop constantly for three seconds even while recording the answer.

Speaking fast is not fluent

Be smooth, effortless and natural paced – don’t speak too fast or too slow. Don’t try to enforce anything on your voice to impress the computer. Just speak effortlessly and smoothly and speak consistently right. Don’t take too many gaps and pauses while speaking.

Don’t copy the accent

An accent is the articulation of the sound and it should be adapted to – remember that your accent doesn’t improve or interface with your voice but make sure that the words you speak are clear and comprehensive. As long as people who speak English regularly can understand you, you are fine to go ahead with this.

Manage the time properly

Time management is one of the Best PTE academic strategy and one of the most important aspects for Listening & Reading – if you don’t manage your time properly then you would certainly lose the game. Also, do dissipate the time in right proportion with score proposition of each question to make sure the question with high score weightage gets a better time.

Content is the key

Content is what makes you win in PTE – make sure you speak what you are supposed to speak. If you don’t speak about the questions that they have asked you or probably write or speaking something not in line with the prompt, you would lose the marks. Be it speaking or writing make sure you include the major aspects of the questions in your responses.

Know the score propositions

As you know that Pearson Test of English is an integrated test – know about the score propositions of each part and the questions to understand what is important and what is not. This can also help you in planning your time as the questions with a high score proposition should be spent more time with.

Simplify your write-ups

Don’t think that an intricate essay would help or use the difficult words would make your vocabulary score go up. Write as simple as possible, use simple language and appropriate words than to make it difficult for anyone to read it. Give people examples and make the write up as comprehensive as possible.

Understand the enabling skills

Your enabling skills makes around 60% of your score in PTE – understanding them would help to understand a lot about the exam. There are a total of six enabling skills and two of them are impacting your speaking score which is oral fluency and pronunciation and the remaining four will impact your writing score which are Grammar, Spellings, Written discourse, and Vocabulary.

Know the collocations

The collocation is the most commonly used words in a language – the collocation can help you get most answers right in fill in the blank question type in Reading. Here is the list of academic collocations published by Pearson that help you master the fill in the blanks question type in the PTE.

Follow the word limits

Most of the question types in writing have a specific word limit – so do care for the word limit. In any case, please don’t exceed the specified word limit for any of the writing tasks. Also, follow the associated guidelines strictly – don’t write in capital letters entirely and check your grammar before submitting it.