Your Statement of Purpose is the most important thing in your Canadian Study Permit. Unlike other countries student permit, in Canadian Visa there is no face to face interview. Your Statement of Purpose is an opportunity to speak with the VISA officer. Any personal circumstances, ties back home, or any academic gaps or setbacks can be justified using a realistic humble rebuttals to persuade the VISA officer.

Canadian study permit is one of the most misused VISA, in the first place it’s affordable and an easiest way to enter the country. Most people apply to get an entry permit which further leads to permanent residency. Which is why the embassy is very strict and refusal rates are so high — just to filter out the people whose primary intention is not to study but to settle down.

During this filtration process, sometimes even the genuine students get rejected as the matrices are highly subjective in Nature. So everyone, regardless of age, education, intention, and background, needs to write a strong statement to persuade the visa officer that you are taking an informed decision and your immediate intention is not to immigrate but to study. So everyone should write a strong statement, because unless you do, the VISA officer wont know it.

IRCC has published a list of questions, they expect from every candidate to assess their intentions to study a particular program. You can draft your statement answering these questions along with additional information you want to hand out.

Here is the list of Questions: 

  1. Why do you wish to study in Canada for the program for which you have been accepted?
  2. What is your overall educational goal?
  3. Why are you not studying a similar program in the country of your residence?
  4. What research have you done in your studies in your country of residence?
  5. How will this program enhance your employment opportunities in your country of residence?
  6. What ties do you have in your country of residence?
  7. Provide details of your educational history — dates when the program started and ended, name and added of the schools, the course taken,  qualification, degree or certificates awarded.
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Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Your Statement of Purpose

Add as many home ties as possible 

More than 90% of the refusal letters include the following refusal reason, this is either because of irrelevancy of the program chosen or poor ties to the country of residence.

Visa officer’s comment, “I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit.

So if you want to avoid your refusal or want to address a refusal, you can include some of the substantial ties in your statement. Home times can be anything that ties you back home — there are moral and social obligations, any large lodgement, your dependents staying back, being only breadwinner in the family, sabbatical leaves, being only child or only son in the family, or may be something else. You have to not only write but also provide the valid documents to prove any claim made.

Make sure you choose a course that’s directly in relations with your previous education or work experience if you are an experienced professional. If you pick anything and everything, it’s most likely to be a refusal.

Also, don’t change your course if you have been refused, once you change a program or even a college in the second attempt your educational goal in Canada becomes inconsistent.

Relevancy of the program 

A lot of Visas are refused for not taking up a relevant program — if you pick up a course that doesn’t fit your academic progression, it’s likely to be a refusal. Sometimes, you have no choice but take up something that enhances a specific skills.

For instance, you studied Bachelors in Business Administration and you choose a program in Marketing Management. This is actually perfect, but you need to persuade the Visa officer that this is the most suitable transition for you at the moment.

You need to put forth the facts, statistics, and information that can convince the visa officer. With the information you put forth, the visa officer can sense if you genuine interest to study this program, at the end of the day, this is what they are there for.

Incentive after you come home

The Visa officer wants to know details about how this particular program enhances your placement opportunities in your country of residency. Obviously, no one would ever spend lakhs of rupees just to study, if you do so then how would it help. 

You can cite out a basic comparison of the industry and possible roles you would be able to take up, after completing this course with possible salary increment.

You can also give an overview of the job market for a specific industry in India, more realistic details you add, better chances you stand. Don’t try to bluff or writing complex language solely to impress, this won’t help in any way.

Sample Statement of Purpose


The Visa Officer,
Canadian High Commission,
Delhi, India

I, Komal Sharma (Name changed), writing this statement to give you better information about my background, motivation, and intention. I want to very humbly state that I have been refused twice for a very similar reason. Here in this writeup, I would provide humble rebuttals of the refusal reasons outlined in my refusal letters. I have been accepted into Cambrian College for a post graduate certificate in Organization Management (MOGC). I am providing some additional information to present my case more strongly. All my claims can be justified anytime using valid documents. I hope that you will look on my application from a fresh standpoint.


Visa Officer comment #1,“I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit.”

Explanation: I come a very close knit family of five members –my father is 66 year old retired, currently working as an insurance advisor on the commission basis which is paid after every three months. Mother is 56 years old assistant field publicity officer and looks after home as well. She is going to get retired in the couple of years as well. We are three siblings; my elder sister is married and younger brother is still studying. This is only time I can study this course and my parents would need me both financially and morally soon after I finish the course. Additionally, when I was in New Zealand, the New Zealand government extended my visa for 6 months automatically amid the COVID-19 outbreak but I voluntarily came back home as I have no intention to settle down far away from my parents. I have travelled to New Zealand to gain some international exposure from April 2019 to Jan 2021, Australia for a vacation in Feb 2020. I have a very clean history of travel, I never overstayed and have followed the country’s rules and regulation sincerely. Furthermore, I am undertaking this course for a strategic learning despite having completed an MBA course in India. The MBA program I studied was a freshers general MBA which covered the fundamental information of business. However, this course offered at Cambrian College is a strategic specialized course to fulfil specific career objective even though at a level lower than the MBA course. Also, studying this course in a global environment among the likeminded people would give a lot of opportunity to learn. A comparison of the course curriculum is outline below.

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I want to start a consulting firm after working for a couple of years in India. I wish to lead and guide innovative small scale businesses/start-ups from scratch to help them achieve business goal efficiently. India is one of the most favourable market from a business standpoint around 50000 new businesses are found every year and about 80% of these businesses fail for not having sufficient business familiarity. I want to utilize my current expertise to help these businesses sustain. A Canadian qualification in Organization management be like a feather in my cap as a person with foreign degree is respected and trusted.


I had been a good student academically I passed out my secondary education in 2008 from Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education with 87.4% score. I completed my senior secondary education in 2010 from the same board with 82.9% score. In 2013, I concluded my undergraduate studies from University of Jammu as a bachelor’s of computer application (BCA) with 71.75% score. This degree helped me gain a fundamental information about computer applications. Later in 2014, I joined an MBA course at the University of Jammu and I passed out in 2016 with 8.2 CGPA on the scale of 10. During my MBA course I participated in management fest at state level in Jammu University as an organizing committee member. Also got 1stprize in “Netritva2k15” a management fest organized my Model Institute of Engineering and Technology.


I started my first ever job with ICICI Bank in New Delhi, India in May 2016 as a Privilege Banker. My responsibilities were to handle the customer queries at the front desk, administrative work, cross selling, and customer retention. In ICICI bank I got several awards for selling health insurance policies, Demat account activation, life insurance, and got promoted from DM1 rating to DM2 as Deputy Manager and I worked here until March 2019. In May 2019, I joined countdown supermarket as a Delicatessen supervisor in New Zealand. My responsibilities here were to handle the customer queries/complaints, developing purchase relationship with local business (B2B), adhering to coop team code of conduct, and complying with and safety regulations for production, holding, handling, and labelling. I did work here until Jan 2021.


In the last one year, I was exploring a lot about my study destination. And there are many reasons why I chose Canada. Canada is diverse, practical, and welcoming. There is no doubt, it is also one of the safest country in the world to study. I also considered to figure out some similar courses in India, but nothing stands against this extensive course offered in Canada with maximum part covered with practical’s, surveys, assignments, guest lectures, and projects. I also explore a few courses in New Zealand, but I found them to be very expensive comparatively and not as flexible as found in Canada. At this juncture, I want to take up something challenging at a diverse place and there cannot be anything better place than Canada. As I mentioned that I have already studied up to postgraduate level in India, it’s no surprise that we study all among the local students & the exchange of knowledge is limited. Also, there has been a huge difference between education and real time industrial applications.


I looked upon various colleges in Canada, the next best available choice for me was Cambrian College after my Visa was refused for Conestoga College. Cambrian has been in my priority list since the beginning as it offers indepth courses for international students. Cambrian College is highly reputed top 50 research college in Canada. Situated in Ontario, Cambrian College is a publicfunded college of applied art and technology. The college embraces a 50 years long history of operations with a large alumni network of more than 60,000 alumni worldwide. This program offered by Cambrian College is a perfect fit for my career aspiration. It offers some of the highly interesting modules such as Financial Decision Making, Marketing Strategy, Data Analysis Using Excel, Business Strategy, New Venture Creation, and Negotiation & Leadership. Having completed this course will help me apply a holistic approach to solve the modern day business problems.


I also explored courses offered at various other colleges in Canada, but this course offered at Cambrian College is a perfect fit for my career aspiration. After I finished my job in New Zealand this year, I want to further hone my management skills to get on with my start-up ideaa consulting business for micro, small, medium scale businesses from marketing, retailing to sales. However, I would take up to a job in India before embarking any new profession to implement the knowledge in the real time projects. While studying my MBA course and working thereafter, I have been exposed to various aspects of the business management, and I developed an interest to get a more cohesive approach to managerial aspects of the business that can empower me to continuously work and solve problems in different business sectors. I am aiming to hone my quantitative business abilities and analytical thinking by enrolling on this intensive organizational management course. Lately, I applied my visa with Global Business Management at Conestoga College which was of the similar value proposition from a global context. Both of these courses impart the knowledge about business/organization management as a whole.


I thank you for the time taken to go through my humble explanation. I sincerely hope that this letter provides you detailed information needed with respect to my background, motivation, and intention. I have provided all the information in a transparent and factual conduct. Therefore, I request you to kindly consider my application and allow me to study at Cambrian College. I would be highly obliged and grateful.