There has been a lot of fuss about gaps in the UK — most universities have different policies undertaking gaps, some are strict while others are flexible. Here in this article, we will delineate everything about educational gaps to start your studies in the UK. So let’s get started…

In the first place, any gap which is unjustifiable is not accepted if it’s more than one year throughout whether you apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate course. For instance, if you have been idle for last 3 years and not engaged in anything academically or professionally, it’s very less likely you will get accepted. However, if you had gaps because of some personal circumstances such as medical reasons or so, it can be accepted with not much fuss.

However, the general rule is if you have more than 5 years study gap after high school weather justified or unjustified, it’s very less likely to get accepted in to a bachelors program and some universities like the University of Greenwich has a bar of five years gap for undergraduate courses.

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If you are planning to apply for a post-graduate course, then 10-12 years of educational gap can be accepted with justification. Like if you have been constantly working or engaged in some other activities from the time you last graduated, it should be absolutely fine. In general, no matter what, you should be able to justify your gaps. In case of female applicants, a gap of 2-3 years is fine as sometimes due to maternity or marriage can cause a break in studies or work. So however and whatever, please be sure to justify your gaps, no matter how long is the gap — we have seen that the universities accept anyone with a genuine intention to study regardless of educational gap. We have particularly worked on profile with 10 to 15 years of gap for postgraduate course and 90% of the time all of our applications are successful.

So if you want to study and have gaps in your last education, you can consult with us. All our servicies are free and our expects will help you in finding right options while taking care of end to end process including visa application and accommodation booking. So what are you waiting for?