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What is IELTS (academic)?

IELTS  stands for  an International English language testing system. It is designed to test the candidate’s English language proficiency. IELTS academic is accepted by the universities globally for English language proficiency evaluation. IELTS is collaboratively managed by both IDP and Cambridge and it was established in the year 1989 for English language proficiency evaluation. IELTS academic test can be taken at 1200 test centers across 140 countries worldwide. IELTS is one of the most prominent, authentic and trustful exam for English language proficiency evaluation. 

Who can write ielts academic?

IELTS academic can be taken by anyone who is aspiring to study abroad in any country – whether it’s great America, the United Kingdom, Australia or the Republic of Ireland, IELTS academic can take you places. IELTS is one of the oldest exam and it’s widely available for test takers in more 140 countries. Be you are planning for a bachelors course, masters, course or a research program, IELTS is must for most places. By providing IELTS academic score, you strengthen your academic profile for universities worldwide.  

IELTS academic ELIGIBILITY and validity

Anyone who is above 16 years of age and holds a valid passport can write IELTS academic – remember that IELTS academic is an English language test so this will be valid across most English speaking countries for education purpose. Also the exam is valid for two subsequent years from the date of test taken. One can write IELTS any number of times and all the scores are subsequently valid. Taking a new test does not invalidate your previous scores and one can retake the exam anytime with so standard waiting time in place. The fee for retake will be same as of the standard IELTS booking.

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Where and when can I take the test?

You can take IELTS academic at 1200 test centers in more than 140 countries. You can check one closest to your location and choose one while booking the test online. The dates are available throughout the year and usually takes place on every Thursday and Saturday. There is no restrictions on how many times one can take and where can take, candidates can take the test anywhere globally and anytime of the year on the suitable available slots. 


IELTS exam costs around $240 USD and it can be booked online anytime with either IDP IELTS or British Council IELTS.


IELTS academic is valid for two consecutive years from the date of test taken. All the test reports are valid subsequently.


The exam is globally accepted by major of universities worldwide. One of the oldest and the most trusted exams.

How is ielts academic scored?

IELTS is scored on the scale of 0-9 with 0.5 points increment e.g. 6, 7.5, 8 bands. Most of the universities globally require 6.0 bands overall for undergraduate and 6.5 overall (no individual bands less than 6.0) for postgraduate courses. However be sure to check your program special language requirements as some programs have higher language requirements than others.  Read here what each of these bands mean

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It has a total of three parts – part 1 is based on general introduction questions, and part 2 is based on a topic where you need to speak at least for 1-2 minutes, and part 3 will be a general discussion based on part 2 topic. Overall, it takes 11-14 minutes.


It has total four sections based on conversations or monologue. You get total 40 questions to do in 30 minutes. Additionally, 10 minutes are given to transfer your answers to the final answer sheet.


This module has a total two different tasks, and you get a total of 60 minutes to do both the tasks. In the task 1, you need to describe a given image and in the task 2, you need to write an essay. 


This module has a total of three different questions type based on reading comprehension. You get total 60 minutes to do 40 questions. There is no additional time given to transfer your answers to the sheet.

Computer-delivered IELTS vs paper-based ielts

The major difference between the computer-delivered IELTS test and Paper-based IELTS is that Paper-based IELTS uses paper and pencil while the computer-delivered IELTS uses a complete computer set e.g. keyboard. Other aspects majorly remain same – format, content, difficulty level, and scoring. The speaking section is unchanged and will still be carried out as a face-to-face interaction with the examiner. Also, here in the listening section you don’t get additional 10 mins to transfer the answers as in the case of IELTS paper delivered. Computer-delivered IELTS is fast as it gives results in 5-7 working days. 


I was lucky enough to get in touch with Edulley – within a month time, I scored 8.5 in IELTS academic. I am thankful to Edulley for the support.
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Deepak Ojha IELTS 8.5
Thanks to Edully for all the support I had received to achieve this milestone. My aspiration to study at my dream university came true.
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Bishal EnigmaIELTS 8.0
I got 7.5 bands in IELTS and all credit goes to Edulley. I received all the support and right material.
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Rahul SharmaIELTS 7.5