Top 10 Universities offering MBA with Professional placement in the UK

Top 10 Universities offering MBA with Professional placement in the UK

1. Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is favourite among international students for the very right reason – the university has consistently ranked among top 300 universities worldwide as per the QS World Ranking. The university offers an MBA with professional placement and students can start fall & spring intakes. The students don’t require to have any work experience to start studying this MBA program at Anglia Ruskin University. The university boats about 20,000 students from more than 150 countries worldwide with 85% students satisfaction rate. Visit course link

The University of Greenwich

2. The University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is one of the most preferred universities in London, UK. The university boats about 15,000 students from around the globe. The MBA International Business offered by the university comes with a  year-long industrial placement and doesn’t require any work experience to enrol. Though the university admits students without any gaps in education and always remain in demand across professional planning to change their line of interest from engineering to business. A whopping 38% of students of the university are international students and still growing. Indian International students can apply to this MBA course without having to write IELTS or any other English language proficiency test subject to certain compliance. Visit course link

3. The University of East London

The University of East London is centrally located in East London and offers an MBA with a professional placement that allows entry for the freshers. The MBA offered by the university comes with one-year industry placement to gain some hands-on experience in the industry in the UK. It not only brings unparalleled experience but also boosts placements chances. The university welcomes about 11,000 full-time students on campus with 32% international students from more than 120 countries worldwide. It’s truly a large and diverse experience you can have in the UK. Visit course link

4. University of Central Lancashire

The University of Central Lancashire offers an MBA with professional placement and one of the most affordable options available for international students to study. The aspiring students can start studying in both January and September intakes. The university has a range of merit-based scholarships to bring down your tuition cost drastically. The university welcomes about 18,000 students from around 140 countries worldwide. Around 18% of the overall full-time students are international students in the UK and 14.2 is the number of students to staff ratio on campus. UCLan is surrounded by amazing countryside and large student diversity for unique student experience. Visit course link

5. Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University is located in Scotland – the university has ranked well in the global fronts and 63rd in the UK by the times higher education ranking system. A total full-time student population on campus is around 11,000 students from more than 130 countries worldwide. The female to male ratio of the students on campus is 55:45 and certainly one of the best universities around. The university’s student satisfaction ratio is 86% across all the disciplines. The university offers an MBA in leadership practice with a placement year which eventually allows you to study for two years while paying for only one. Visit course link

6. The University of Sunderland

The University of Sunderland offers an MBA with professional placement for freshers – students don’t require any previous work experience to get an entry into this program. The program is accredited by Chartered Management Institute. The university welcomes about 11,000 full-time students every year with around 31% of international students. Students might also get accepted without IELTS subject to meeting certain qualifications. The student satisfaction of the university is 84% and the Teaching Excellence Framework award is silver. Visit course link

7. The University of Northampton

The University of Northampton is favourite among international students – large campus, industry association, and placement support is something unique about the University of Northampton. The university holds gold teaching excellence framework award for the best quality of education. The university moved in a £330 million brand new waterside campus in September 2018. The university nestles around 10,000 full-time students from around the world with about 26% international students. The university offers a range of merit-based scholarships to bring down the total tuition cost for international students. The MBA also includes a business trip and international students can also apply without IELTS or any other English language proficiency test subject to meeting certain other conditions. Visit course link

8. The University of South Wales

The University of South Wales located in Wales offers a global MBA with placement for international students. The total cost for the MBA is £12,500 for two years and one of the most affordable MBA program in the UK. The university recruits about 16,000 full-time students from more than 100 countries and 19% of the total students are international. International students, especially Indian and students from other English speaking countries, can apply without having to write any exam subject to meeting certain conditions. Visit course link

9. The University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton is located in London – the university offers a two-year MBA with a professional placement. The MBA offered by the University of Roehampton doesn’t require any prior work experience. The university campus is relatively small and boats about 8000 students from every corner of the world. About 28% of the total students are international on campus. The student satisfaction ratio for the university of Roehampton is 77%. Students can get an entry into Roehampton without writing any other additional exam. Visit course link

10. Kingston University

Kingston University is one of the most popular universities in the UK – offering an extensive range of courses from undergraduate to research level. The university offers an MBA with a professional placement and the MBA is accredited by the AMBA and Kingston Business School is accredited by AACSB. Students can start this course at Kingston University in September & January intake. Students without any prior work experience cannot apply to this program and they need about 3 years of full-time work experience to get into this MBA program. The university brings about 15,000 full-time students from around the globe. This MBA offered with professional placement is expensive comparatively but worth studying considering its recognition and overall reputation. Visit course link

Your quick guide to begin your job search in the UK | Edulley

Your quick guide to begin your job search in the UK | Edulley

The UK is very small demographically, probably equal to the size of the largest Indian states. It’s obvious to understand that not everyone in the UK can get a job as it cannot accommodate all of them. There are millions of people across the world who wanted to come to the UK; if all of them get a job, then you will find no UK after a few years. We certainly need to put a cap on the immigration rules, so does the UK do. However, like any other country, the UK cannot grant any job to anybody but the gates are open for intelligent and smart working people. As 2011 British census 2.3% of the total UK population are Indians which numbers around 1,451,862 with an increase of around 0.5% from the 2001 census.

According to a report published in the Hindustan Times, Indian nationals secured almost 60% of Tier 2 skilled worker visas granted by the UK in the year ending September 2016, despite UK visa numbers falling to their lowest level since 2014. Employers need to have both a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence and a Certificate of Sponsorship for each employee they need to employ on Tier 2 Visas. The figures were released by the UK government on 23 February.

According to the quarterly Migration Statistics report, 53,575 of the 93,244 skilled worker visa applications that were approved, went to Indians. Meanwhile, Indian and Chinese nationals accounted for the highest number of non-visitor visas granted. The report’s findings place Indians way ahead of nationals from other countries in the Tier 2 Visa UK skilled work visa category. The next largest group were US citizens, accounting for 9,348 or 10% of the total number of Tier 2 visas granted.

In the year 2016, a total of 93,244 skilled worker visas (Tier-2 visa) were granted to the foreign nationals and 53,575 of them were taken up by Indian alone – isn’t it a big number? If ten people are going to study in the UK, only 3–4 of them will be able to fetch a job; unfortunately, you will never be able to meet them. You are just going to meet the leftover who are going to dissipate the lies. Of course, you can have a more wide bandwidth to look for the employee if you are in the US or Canada but the quality of the job that you can get in the UK is certainly incomparable to any other country (exceptions are possible).

Get ready for employment in the UK

Getting jobs in the UK requires time in any field, you will have to start it as soon as you land up there. In the first place, you will have to work on your resume and industrial skill set. Do have some short courses and some certification that will enhance your skill set. Employers always lookout for someone who has more skills and knowledge compared to a university graduate. You can utilise the various online learning platforms available to add more skills and expertise in your resume that can help enhance your efficiency at work. There are hundreds of courses available for students to explore. 


Make a list of all the placement agencies in the UK:

Jobs – recruitment agency, UK

Antal International – Executive Recruitment | Antal

Job Search & Recruitment Agency | Michael Page

InterQuest Group | Develop tomorrow’s future, define your own…

There are hundreds of them – make sure you visit them personally and submit your portfolio or resume. Do ask them to update you if they get any vacancy for the work areas you are interested in.

Create your portal directory:

Do list down all the online portals, sign up, and store all the passwords at one place. Make sure you create a full profile and upload your updated resume. This need not be only in the UK but anywhere across the map. You can also browse on the different options they have and apply online.

Apply to the internships as well:

Also, apply for the internship, need not that you apply only for full-time jobs. An internship is the best way to enter in a company; you are most likely to be hired. It might get you less pay initially but it will award the immense knowledge and some financial benefits and long term gold coins.

Keep a healthy relationship with the support team:

Make sure you visit your placement or recruitment team time to time and update them about your academics and interest areas. You might not need them in building your resume but still, it’s good to ask for their help as it will create a longer impression.

Volunteering, Organizing, and social work:

Make sure you volunteer in the social groups and clubs. It will help you create good networking among the existing folks on the campus. Try to become a class representative or a group leader. To help the university organizing their events or be a unique performer.

Alumni data and statistics:

Forget not to ask your university about the successful Alumni. Do take their emails or linked in profiles, Facebook ids or anything else. Make sure you introduce yourself to them and keep in touch frequently – don’t be annoying ;D

Linked in Premium account:

Do subscribe for a premium Linked in account – find about the top people in your industry or the related one. Almost all the top recruiters’ HR will be available on this portal. It’s essential to reach out to them, introduce yourself, and drop a copy of your resume. Make sure that you don’t do this randomly; you should know where you are sending this, so it reaches to a specific audience.

Well, it’s obvious to use the fancy and cool language, but this will hardly help you in getting placed anywhere. Try to be as formal and pleasant as possible – it’s okay if somebody is not replying to your text; if somebody has the job vacant and not responding to your emails and calls – everything is fair in this process. Just don’t lose your calm or you lose your career.

It’s practically possible to get a job in the UK but not for everyone. Why one should not go if you can study for two years at the cost of one. No other much pre-college chores to be done – a direct entry in the most tier-2 schools.

For Indians, however, is, even more, easier than any other non-English speaking nationals – we don’t need to write IELTS to study in the UK anymore (except the top 10–15 universities). Study a program of your choice with countless specializations.


Top 5 reason to study in the UK

Top 5 reason to study in the UK

Hey, folks — there has been enough spoken about why most international students prefer to study in the UK. Here is my take on some of the best reasons for you to choose the UK as the study destination.

  1. Earn while you earn: one of the primary reasons why it could be a good deal is that you are allowed to earn while you are studying your intended courses. In the UK, you are legally allowed to work 20 hours/week as an international student. On average, you can earn about £160–£250 while working part-time.
  2. Flexible duration: UK universities are very flexible with the duration — if you are looking for a summer school that lasts for 3 months or a diploma for a year or maybe a two-year master’s degree or online education, the UK has it all. You can find your niche and start studying anytime.
  3. Specialized course: the UK is the home of specialized and research-based courses — you can choose from hundreds of different specialization. Be it a bio-technology or FACADE engineering, the UK has got everything to serve on your table.
  4. Low study cost: compared to any of its counterparts, the UK has very less study cost that ranges from £10,000-£25,000 which is much lesser compared to the cost of study in the USA and Australia. Most postgraduate degrees in the UK are one year which means you will have to spend less and go to the job just after a year which is the shortest route to employment in the UK.
  5. Scholarships: most UK universities offer some scholarships (student discount) to international students to lower the tuition fee. The scholarship amount could vary from £1,000- to £5,000 based on academic merit and some other variables. There are some fully-funded scholarships as well e.g. great scholarships, etc.