Who we are?

We are a team of study-abroad specialist who are high as a kite to serve you. Studying abroad is one of the boldest decision a student makes – a long list of countries, universities, and courses not only baffles you but also makes your life traumatic. We, at Edulley, bring the best information and trustful consultation to help you decide, and make your transition smooth and hassle-free.

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Welcome to Edulley,

At Edulley, we’ve earned a reputation for consulting and training for international education and pre-college exams respectively. We set out to guide the international students in foreign education in the year 2016 and have been progressing up since then.

We bring the best information and trustful consultation to help you decide and make your transition smooth and hassle-free. We train for pre-college exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and deal with most popular countries like the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada. As a student guide, we partner with some of the top universities across the world. Our strategic partnership with the universities globally makes your process smooth and reliable.

Our Leadership Team

Muskan Anni

Muskan Anni

Managing Director & Co-owner

I am Muskan and I’m learning that to be a director is to be a humble servant. My main job is to support our employees and be a support to our clients. The world is changing constantly, so I am here to create the right learning opportunities and to bring about the best training for our people so that they’re ready for the change. I drive the best strategies to beat the competition; we together aim to become a world-leading organisation to serve people. 

Nagesh Kumar

Nagesh Kumar

Co-owner & Key business strategist

I come with over 5+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and operations – I have worked with leading consulting firms before unfolding this new venture. Here at Edulley, I bring the best experience for our clients and partners. I believe that the education industry is a responsibility – we consult to make the future. We hope to build a fair and unbiased ecosystem that helps you bring the best information and open the ways to a great career. Looking forward to serving you.

Sahil Gupta

Sahil Gupta

Co-owner and head of accounts

I come with years of experience helping organizations set their goals; I help them prepare strategic plans to ensure that those targets are met. I also work closely in analysing existing strategies and practices, identifying areas for improvement and developing innovative strategies and new business opportunities. I work the teams in maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers and I make sure that the SLA’s are met.

We are on a mission!

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”    –  Malcolm X

Edulley’s mission

We believe that quality education is everyone’s right, and we are committed to helping in a trustful and equitable way to make aspirants’ drive hassle-free. We aim to bring the best information available to international students by building cutting-edge tools, know-how events, digital mailers, and trained staff. 

Edulley's Vision

A world with education is happier and healthier – we are bridging between the world’s best institutions and the global minds to build a happier world. We aim to build the finest entrepreneurs, engineers, and health professionals to make the world a better place for everyone.

Edulley's Values

At Edulley, we are committed to serve diligently with discipline and honesty. We would treat everyone with respect regardless of their gender, caste, social status, race, nationality. We also aspire to contribute to the environment by cutting paper usage, planting, cleaning, and using the water resources in the optimum way.

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