Studying abroad is not just about studying, it’s also about adapting yourself to a new culture, new city and its people, and a different ambience all together mentally and physically. As a student, while you might have mixed feelings of both excitement and anxiousness about starting a new life in a faraway nation, your parents will inevitably be worried.

Furthermore, when it comes to student accommodation, considering it’ll be the place where you spend most of your time apart from your university, even you’d want to stay in student housing which is safe, elegant, gracious, and of course closer to your university. Where and how you live will also have a significant influence on your academic results. Choosing the right place to live can be an arduous task, but it’s essential.

While you pick where to live, you should enlist your preferences and also your displeasures. Be it a spacious shared studio or a private room- carefully evaluate your budget as well.

To help you make an easy choice we’ve come up with this list of different types of student accommodation abroad.

University Accommodation

Almost every international student enrolled in the undergraduate course favours to stay in on-campus accommodation. It can be a comfortable option for you as an international student as you get to live the closest to your university. You can also effortlessly blend in with various clubs and societies and people from different ethnical backgrounds.

The rent cost often depends on the city you’ll be staying in. Apart from cultural regard, on-campus student properties provide decent meal plans too. Student accommodations in UK Universities are said to be cheaper than the student accommodations in USA Universities. You can also breathe gently and stay assured of your protection as most university hostels are heavily guarded.

Although, if you like staying solely in your world, living here might become inconvenient for you. Because on-campus hostels can be a capricious place with a crowd of people nearby, you’ll be left with practically non-existent privacy. There’s no need to be bothered; you can reach to the concerned administrators and enquire about their student rooms. Moreover, apply for the bed as promptly as possible. 

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Living with a family

Homestays are convenient to live, mainly if the family you’ll be staying with has previous expertise in hosting students as tenants/houseguests. Being at home with a local family can be beneficial for you in many ways: 

  • You can form kinships with prominent locals through the family.
  • You’ll get the affection of a family.
  • You can efficiently learn the local culture & language.
  • You won’t have to fret about food, etc. 

A prominent city like London has some of the most cordial homestays. You’ll get a private room in their house- laundry and meals are usually covered under the rent. You’ll get to foster the warmth of home in a distant country. Many universities in UK/USA/AUSTRALIA often aid in locating a trustworthy and safe family for students to ensure their wellbeing.

But being with a family also suggests you’ve to follow some of their traditions and rules. You’ve to be disciplined and might’ve to be punctual with some assigned timings. If you’re not accommodated to this kind of restraint, it might get challenging to accustom, but you’ll only have limited choice as a resident.

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Off-campus Private Accommodation

Private student properties are notably identical to academy hostels but are much more convenient. You can rent a shared room with a shared bathroom and kitchen. Or you can lease a private studio room by paying some extra bucks. These private student halls are usually located close to major universities.

Most private dorms are built with the idea of keeping a student happy and engaged. They comprise of facilities such as- High-speed internet, gym, cinema rooms, game rooms, etc. Several student accommodations in the UK are well known for organising year-round games and events, where you can forge new enduring bonds and relish your stay.

Even though satisfactory, private student homes can frequently be more expensive. You might also get allocated a room with an obnoxious roommate, and surroundings can get a bit boisterous as well.

Nevertheless, wherever your stay is you’re bound to face malleability problems in the start. Under such cases, you’ll have to learn how to adapt to certain situations and mature as a person. That being said, you’re not obligated to live by something which is absolutely unbearable to you; you’ll always have the power of choosing.